I finally bit the bullet and set up a WordPress blog, having been reluctantly convinced that the ease of posting more than compensates for the disadvantages, which in my opinion are many, but I won’t go into them here, except to the extent that some of them are apparent from what follows.

I figured that I would start by moving a few older posts from my old blog.

Back when I was still teaching Java, I wrote a simple applet demo program that computed and displayed the evolution of one-dimensional cellular automata, using the 8-bit rule scheme described by Stephen Wolfram in A New Kind Of ScienceI described it in a blog post at the time, with a link to the Java source code and the applet running embedded at the end of the post.

Java applets were never a very satisfactory way of embedding functionality into a web page. There were always just too many ways for them to not work in a particular browser running a particular version of Java.

Now, however, it seems Oracle has raised its game — now applets don’t work in any browser. I discovered this when I went back to the original post and found that instead of the applet, what appears is a message that “Your security settings have blocked an untrusted application from running.” More »