(Published in Live In The Philippines web magazine)

Along the usual route of my daily walk, my neighbor, Joe, an elderly Filipino, is often sitting in a chair just outside his gate, having a late afternoon coffee. I usually stop for a moment to chat. Good chance to practice some Bisaya (the local language here in Davao).

A few days ago Joe mentioned that he and his wife were going to Manila. So, in my usual “talk like Tarzan” version of pre-kindergarten Bisaya, I asked if he was flying there.

The Bisaya word for flying is “lupad”. (I learned this from the quite excellent Bisaya course offered here on this very web site.)

So I asked, “molupad ka ba sa didto?”, which, according to my calculations, meant “are you going to fly there?”

Whereupon everyone present (anywhere you go here, there are always other people around) burst into peals of hysterical laughter. More . . . 

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