(Originally published in Live In The Philippines web magazine)

There’s a new “Mindanao Bob” in town!

We finally pulled the trigger.

Last week we relocated from Arizona to Davao, lock, stock, barrel, and cat.

This isn’t about moving. That would be boring.

This is about the cat. (The cat’s name is Bob, and this is Mindanao, so I guess that makes him “Mindanao Bob II”. )

Some have asked “why are you taking a cat to the Philippines?????”, or “don’t they have cats in the Philippines?????” (“?????” translates roughly to “are you insane?”). I could reply that we’ve had Bob for ten years now, and he’s a member of the family. But a non-cat person will find that answer unconvincing. A cat person would never ask such a question in the first place. . . . Continue reading

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