Ex-Googler Michelle Lee has just been appointed to head the U.S. Patent Office’s new Silicon Valley satellite office. The corporate shills are predictably chortling with glee over her oft-aired views on the subject of “patent trolls”:

“By 2009, Lee was talking publicly and blogging about how so-called ‘patent trolls’ were a growing burden for Google, and the tech sector at large. That same year she authored a blog post saying that patent reform was needed “now more than ever.” Of twenty patent lawsuits that had been filed against Google, only two were from companies with any products or services.
. . . .
“Caroline Dennison, a legal advisor at the patent office, said her hiring was a sign of the office’s dedication to better dialogue with the tech sector. ‘[Lee] has been in the trenches with the non-practicing entities in litigation,’ said Dennison. ‘She gets it, she knows what’s going on. And we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her. Director [David] Kappos is committed to this industry, and committed to looking for solutions to this problem. . . . ‘”

Did you see what happened there? “Patent trolls” morphed into “non-practicing entities”? More »